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Photos taken of the Total Solar Eclipse that occurred over North America on August 21, 2017. Most Victoria Centre members took photos from the track of totality from various locations in Oregon, USA. Partial eclipse photos were mainly taken from Victoria, BC, Canada
65 Minutes from First Contact Corvallis OregonTotality in Corvallis Oregon August 21 2017The Diamond Ring in Corvallis OregonTotality and the Diamond RingCorvallis Eclipse Viewers2017 Eclipse - MonmouthSolar EclipseSolarr EclipseSolar EclipseSolar EclipsePartial Solar Eclipse just after C1 - first contactPartial Solar Eclipse just after C1Partial phase between C1 & C2Partial phase between C1 & C2The last of the partial phase before C2The last of the partial phase before C2Fully eclipsed Sun with Venus and a contrail visiblePartial phase between C3 and C4Partial phase between C3 and C4The Corona in Corvallis Oregon