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The Needle Galaxy - NGC 4565Messier 101/SN2023ixf Drizzle UGRMessier 101/SN2023ixf Drizzle GRIMessier 101 - the Pinwheel, with SN2023 ixfIC 1396 - Elephant's Trunk Nebula (reprocessed)Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF, Mars and the Hyades (cropped and pushed)Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF, Mars and the Hyades (full)Orion R6mkII testCocoon Nebula (IC 5146)Cygnus WallMessier 57 - Plaskett (July 30)Stephan's Quintet - NGC7320, 7320c, 7319, 7318 (a and b) and NGC 7317IC 1396 - the Elephant's Trunk NebulaM13 - the Great Cluster in HerculesIris Nebula and the dust of CepheusIC 1396 - Elephant's Trunk nebulaNorth America Nebula (NGC7000) dual optical tubesMessier 106 GPrime