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SH2-240 / Simeas 147 - SuperNova Pasta in Taurus

SH2-240 / Simeas 147 - SuperNova Pasta in Taurus

Sh2-240 / Simeas 147 – Supernova Pasta Mosaic (Taurus)
Askar FRA500; iOptron HEM27
ASI2600MC; Antlia Triband Ultra Filter
(59,86,63,86 x 450s, Bin 1, Gain 200)
Total integration time = 36.75 hrs – November 13,15,16,17,22,23,24 2023
The Spaghetti Nebula (Sh2-240, Simeas 147, or G180-01.7) is aptly named dim supernova remnant (SNR) in Taurus. Like most other supernova remnants it is very filamentatius, with the filments forming a spheroid shell that defines the current limit where a supernova explosion has transported the products of the star explosion and swept interstellar material. Somewhere within the shell are the remains of the exploding star – likely now classified as a neutron star.
This SNR appears more “bubbly” than most and reminds me more of the surface of a spring roll than a plate of spaghetti. This SNR is quite old – 40,000 years, very large (160 light years across) and is about 3000 light years away.
It’s massive size takes up 3 full degrees of sky and this required me to shoot it in sections with my 500mm FL telescope. It is also very dim, requiring me to acquire many long duration frames. During the nights of acquisition, there was considerable cloud, fog, and bright moonlight that correlated well with clear skies. Even with over 36 hours of integration time, I still believe this object needs more time.