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IC 1396, Elephant Trunk Stellar Nursery in Narrowband SHOCepheus Flare Molecular Cloud in LRGBM101 & SN 2023ixf - 1 day post Type II SupernovaM101 - 3 Days Prior to SuperNovaSh2-73 - The Sharpless Imposter in LRGBM63 - Sunflower Galaxy in LHaRGB (Sow's Ear version)Markarian's Chain / Virgo Galaxy ClusterThe Silver Needle Galaxy (NGC4244) in LHaRGBM97 PN, M108 Galaxy and Many Friends in a NB / BB ComboThe Whale and Hockeystick Galaxies in LHaRGBM85 - Galaxy Defying Classification in LHaRGBArp270 and Leo Minor Galaxy Cluster in LRGBARP23 (NGC 4618/4625) One Armed Galaxy in HaLRGBM106 in HA/LRGB - CloseupM106 in monochrome Ha - CloseupM106 in Ha/LRGB - Full Frame ViewM94 in HaLRGB  - How a Strain Wave Mount WorksAI - Even I can be an artist now  - The Flaming Star NebulaIC405 & IC410 - Flaming TadpolesThe Green Comet II (C/2022 E3 ZTF)