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"HOO" in SHO (Owl Nebula in Narrowband)Onion RIngs - M57 in SHOBode's Neighbourhood with Dust and HydrogenThe Hunt for Ha in Markarian's ChainNGC2403 Galaxy in Camelopardis (LHaRGB)The Sun on the Next DayM13 - Hercules Globular Cluster in LRGBM13 Hercules Cluster in LRGB (Wide View)The Hunt for Ha in Markarian's Chain (Virgo Cluster) LHaRGBM100 and Virgo Cluster Galactic CompanionsSolar First Attempt in HaNGC2264 and Surrounds, OSC Tri-Narrowband FilterM33 Triangulum Galaxy in LHRGBBarnards Loop and M78 (Orion) in LHRGBHorsehead (B33) and Flame (Sh2-277) Nebulae (Orion)M74 "Grand Design" Galaxy in LHaRGBSh2-142 Wizard Nebula in NarrowbandThe Medusa Deconstructed Planetary Nebula (SHO)A Dragon for Drama - Sh2-114 in HOOBardard's E (B142/B143) Defined by the Reflected Light