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Uploaded 26-Mar-22
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NGC3628 - The Hamburger Galaxy

NGC3628 - The Hamburger Galaxy

NGC3628 - The Hamburger Galaxy - Mar 2022
Planewave CDK 12.5 - AIS6200MM
A-P 1100 GTO AE, Antlia Pro LRGB filters
L (18 x 150s exposures, RGB 3x15x180s) = 3 hours int time

NGC3628 is an interesting 9th Magnitude galaxy, viewed edge-on. It appears to have two disks on two planes, forming a very wide X shape. The middle looks like a hamburger, with the dark dust hiding the core, that is just peaking around the dust. Overall, it looks more like a Hot-Dog.
This is the start of galaxy season, and I am hoping to get as many Leo/Virgo galaxies as I can get.
Leo is so galaxy rich, and in the background of this image, one can find untold number of small galaxies and what look like binary stars (I like the red and blue ones). GHS really brings out the colour!
This is only my second full image of 2022 due to weather, retirement, selling up and moving from Alberta, vacation and provincial re-education camp.
Processed in Pixinsight using, Mure Denoise, GHS, HDRMT, LHE, Sharpening (Unsharp+MLT), and ACDR noise reduction.