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IC 1318 Gamma Cygni Area Nebulostiy in NB SHO with RGB stars

IC 1318 Gamma Cygni Area Nebulostiy in NB SHO with RGB stars

Gamma Cygni Area Nebulosity - July 2022
Televue NP127is - AIS6200MM
A-P 1100 GTO AE, Antlia Pro 3nm NB filters
H,S,O: (3 x 31 x 330s exposures, Bin 2, Gain 200)
R,G,B: (3 x 39 x 90s exposures, Bin 2, Gain 100)
Total Integration Time = 11.5 hours
This image is part of a massive nebulosity complex, IC1318, within Cygnus and in and about the star Sadr, although Sadr itself does not appear in this image. Sadr, at 1800 ly distance, actually has little to do with the nebulosity itsef, which is 4900 ly away.
THe area covered by this image contains emission nebulosity, fine dark nebular structures and even some reflection nebulosity (NGC6914 in lower right). The image uses narrowband data for the nebulosity using the Hubble palette as false colour. The whole image appears quite chaotic - as if part of an abstract oil painting, but there are many fine details within the nebulosity itself.
A rich star field is aslo an important feature of the area. To represent stars, and keeping their colour as true as possible, true RGB stars were substituted for narrow-band ones. THis process was tricky, as it is easly for the star-field or the nebulosity to dominate the other and a balance needed to be struck between stars size and brightness. There is an interested open star cluster, IC1311, that can be seen in the upper left of the image.