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Created 27-Nov-07
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20 2-min. exposures, imaged with a Meade 12-inch LX200, and processed with Nebulosity and Photoshop. Guided with PHD.
Comet 17/P HolmesM20 Trifid NebulaNetwork NebulaM16 Eagle NebulaM17 Swan NebulaMoon TerminatorM20,Trifid nebula, bright diff. neb. in Sagittarius version processed in LAB formatM16, Eagle Nebula, diff. neb. in SerpensM22, beautiful large globular cluster in SagittariusM17 Swan Nebula, diff. neb. in SagittariusComet HolmesM27, Dumb-bell Nebula, large planetary in VulpeculaM31, great spiral galaxy in Andromeda, finest of the Local Group of galaxiesM33, Pinwheel Galaxy, large spiral, member of Local Group, in TriangulumM42, Orion Nebula - 2006Comet Temple is cruising along, completely unaware that it's heading for a smashup with [a] NASA [probe] on July 4, [2005]