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Astronomical photographs taken by RASC Victoria Centre members during 2022.
IC5070 Pelican NebulaComet C2017 K2 Panstarrs with IC 4665Messier 3M33, the Triangulum GalaxyJellyfish nebulaCaldwell 30 and Deer Lick GroupM1 - Crab Nebula - NOW - Dressed Up in SHO (Hubble Pal)M94 - Cat's Eye GalaxyM51 RevisitedSupernova SN2022hrs in NGC 4647M81 - Bode's Nebula (Galaxy) in LRGB + NBSN 2022hrs in NGC 4647NGC4565 - The Needle GalaxyMessier 82, the Cigar GalaxyM105 and Leo Neighbourhood.The Silver Streak Galaxy NGC 4216, NGC 4222 (left), and NGC 4206 (right)Messier 3