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Photographs of astronomical objects taken by RASC Victoria Centre members during 2018
NGC 2170 Angel NebulaFlaming Star Nebula (IC 405)M1 - first lookReflection nebula around AlcyonePerseus Galaxy ClusterNGC 891 - The Silver SliverOrion RisingNGC 869 and NGC 884M15NGC 6946 - The Fireworks GalaxyNGC 7789 - Caroline's Rose ClusterAurora near Haines Junction, YukonAurora, Kathleen Lake, YukonM33 -The Pinwheel galaxyNGC 7635 - The Bubble NebulaThe Milky Way, southern horizon and Mars rising through the treeM31, M32, M110 - Andromeda GalaxyNGC6992 - Eastern VeilThe Pillars of Creation