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Photographs and sketches of astronomical objects by RASC Victoria Centre members during the last few months.
IC 1396, Elephant Trunk Stellar Nursery in Narrowband SHOM101 & SN 2023ixf - 1 day post Type II SupernovaM101 - 3 Days Prior to SuperNovaMessier 101 - the Pinwheel, with SN2023 ixfSh2-73 - The Sharpless Imposter in LRGBNGC 3718 & NGC 3729Messier 101M97, M108 and so many faint galaxiesM63 - Sunflower Galaxy in LHaRGB (Sow's Ear version)Coma Cluster regionComa Cluster regionComa Cluster regionComa Cluster regionMarkarian's Chain / Virgo Galaxy ClusterMessier 94NGC 6543, Cat's Eye NebulaThe Silver Needle Galaxy (NGC4244) in LHaRGBM97 PN, M108 Galaxy and Many Friends in a NB / BB ComboThe Whale and Hockeystick Galaxies in LHaRGBNGC 3718 & NGC 3729