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Photographs and sketches of astronomical objects by RASC Victoria Centre members during the last few months.
IC5070 Pelican NebulaComet C2017 K2 Panstarrs with IC 4665Messier 3M33, the Triangulum GalaxyJellyfish nebulaCaldwell 30 and Deer Lick GroupM1 - Crab Nebula - NOW - Dressed Up in SHO (Hubble Pal)M94 - Cat's Eye GalaxyM51 RevisitedSupernova SN2022hrs in NGC 4647M81 - Bode's Nebula (Galaxy) in LRGB + NBSN 2022hrs in NGC 4647NGC4565 - The Needle GalaxyMessier 82, the Cigar GalaxyM105 and Leo Neighbourhood.The Silver Streak Galaxy NGC 4216, NGC 4222 (left), and NGC 4206 (right)Messier 3