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Photographs and sketches of astronomical objects by RASC Victoria Centre members during the last few months.
Lagoon Nebula and Trifid Nebula (downtown)M52 OGS TEST nine frames with a Nikon D800Testing the OGS Scope - only nine frames with Nikon D800.  VERY nice scope.Widefield, Cygnus RegionM13 - first light Takahashi TOA 130 and TOA 35 reducerElephant's Trunk Nebula (IC 1396)Solar ProminencesNorth America NebulaNorth America NebulaSolar surfaceNGC 1365 - The Great Barred Spiral GalaxyEta CarinaAntares-Ophiuchus regionPinwheel Galaxy M101M52 and NGC6405Cygnus in H alpha enhanced colorID1318 & M29 in EAAMercury phasesM63 - Sunflower GalaxyM 64 - Black Eye Galaxy