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The unopened boxes containing the Paramount MEJoe Carr opens the first box, while Alex Schmid, Sid Sidhu, and John McDonald stand by. It's just as exciting as Christmas!Joe Carr and Sid Sidhu heft the beautifully machined counterweights, while Alex Schmid,and John McDonald share in the experienceJohn McDonald and Sid Sidhu open the second box - the one containing the Paramount ME itselfThere it is - the Paramount ME!John McDonald reads the big "warning" label before attempting to open the box containg the Paramount MEA side view of the Paramount METhe auxillary ports on the Paramount METhe main panel on the Paramount MECharles Banville planning how he will mount his gear on the Paramount MEEd Maxfield admiring the workmanship of the Paramount MEBruno Quenneville, David Lee and Alex Schmid discuss the finer points of the Paramount ME