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The Fireworks Galaxy, NGC 6946

Date: September 2/3, 2011

Location: LB Pearson College of the Pacific, Metchosin, BC.

Equipment: Telescope: Astrotech AT8RC, Mount: EQ6 autoguided with Orion Autoguider camera and PHD software.

Imaging Camera: Orion SSPro, v1, MaximDLE software

Exposures: Lights - 9 X 900 seconds, Darks - 3 X 900 seconds, Flats 20 X .30 s using an electroluminescent panel and 20 Bias frames processed with ImagesPlus and PhotoShop.

Note: Excellent seeing conditions with no layer of marine air. I used 15 minute subs and what a difference. This is a slight crop of the original.

The Fireworks Galaxy, NGC 6946