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Uploaded 23-Aug-22
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Dimensions17850 x 10780
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M15 Globular Cluster with IFN in Pegasus

M15 Globular Cluster with IFN in Pegasus

M15 Globular Cluster with IFN - Aug 2022
Televue 127is - AIS6200MM
A-P 1100 GTO AE, Antlia Pro LRGB
L (56 x 120s exposures, Bin 1, Gain 100)
R,G,B: (3 x 35 x 120s exposures, Bin 1, Gain 100)
Total Integration Time = 5.4 hours
Processed in Pixinsight
This globular cluster resides in Pegasus, and is one of the densest cluster in the sky. It is also said to contain a planetary nebula, although I am unable to determine which "blue" star it is. This cluster is also "surrounded" by IFN, reflecting back light off the stars and creating faint clouds across the image. These molecules also create a blue halo off the bright blue star to the left of the cluster.
This was my second globular cluster and was a bit of an experiment. In my M13, I shot my luminance frames at a gain of 0 to retain dynamic range to ensure that I kept the core of the cluster resolvable. For this M15 shot, I moved to a gain of 100, with less exposure time and more frames to better capture the IFN. However, the sacrifice this makes in terms of smaller dynamic rnage meant that the core of the cluster was too bright in this image, and the cluster is not resolved right to the core. The IFN is resolved nicely though. Interestingly, the IFN was barely visible on my colour filter frames.