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DWB111 - Propeller Nebula in SHO w RGB stars

DWB111 - Propeller Nebula in SHO w RGB stars

DWB111 THe Propeller Nebula (Cygnus) in NB - July 2022
Planewave CDK12.5 - AIS6200MM
A-P 1100 GTO AE, Antlia Pro 3nm NB filters
H,S,O: (3 x 24 x 540/600/600ss exposures, Bin 2, Gain 200)
R,G,B: (3 x 20 x 150s exposures, Bin 2, Gain 100)
Total Integration Time = 14.1 hours
This image is yet more of the massive nebulosity complex within Cygnus. While I think that DWB111's propeller shaped Hhydrogen area makes an interesting image target, there is little information about it available - even its distance is not known.
This image was really a study in colour balancing using GHS to both normalize the channel histogram peaks in linear mode, and then again using stretching the individual HB channels to equalize the histogram breadth. Finally the mehod of Cuiv the Laxy Geek was used - the green channel contribution was reduced to 80% in LRGB combination to reduce green, and enhance red and blue. Final Hue and Sat adjustments were made in Curves.
THe next thing I need to figures out is placement of RGB stars. Stars extracted from an RGB image are actually incremental values of R,G,B over the assumed RGB image background. Some colour shift takes place when these stars are then placed on an NB background. The benefit of this is that the stars blend with the NB background better, but their colour is altered somewhat. Maybe blending the RGB stars with the NB is better - next time....