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NGC 2170 Angel NebulaM57 Ring NebulaM13 Hercules ClusterEclipse phases from start to TotalityPartial Solar Eclipse just after C1 - first contactPartial Solar Eclipse just after C1Partial phase between C1 & C2Partial phase between C1 & C2The last of the partial phase before C2The last of the partial phase before C2Fully eclipsed Sun with Venus and a contrail visiblePartial phase between C3 and C4Partial phase between C3 and C4Graph of temperature drop during eclipseNGC 2174 emission & reflection nebulaM1 Crab NebulaFisheye view of the southern night sky from Dragoon Mountains Ranch in southern ArizonaThe setting Full Moon over the HighlandsSagittarius area of the Milky Way with trees on horizonTwo satellites streaking across the Milky Way